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5 reasons to buy new houses in Marbella.


Why is Marbella the perfect destination to buy a home?

Marbella is a very touristic city on the Costa del Sol. It has many positive qualities, including its favorable climatic conditions, which make it a paradisiacal environment. It has really attractive views and landscapes that take your breath away. The good atmosphere and Mediterranean gastronomy help many people want to visit the city in summer or want to make it their first permanent residence.

Among the reasons to buy a new house in Marbella are:

  1. Future investment: It is a way to maintain or save the owner’s capital. Prices for accommodation in Marbella are in high demand. Despite the crisis situations, the prices of accommodation in the city are stable and it is not difficult to find tenants who are willing to pay for a rent in this area. The housing market in the area is varied so there are various housing options to purchase including luxury villas, apartments in residential complexes, houses, mansions, among others. And all options have a factor that ensures their profitability. In the case that you want to have a second home in Marbella that is evicted for a long period of time, the empty home can become an income generator. This is because rental requests in the area are on the rise. High season rentals often reach high levels of interest from tenants from all over the world, willing to pay to stay in this city on the Costa del Sol.
  2. Very favorable climate: In Marbella the climate is warm and sunny for eleven months of the year. On the other hand, this area of ​​Andalusia does not have sudden changes in temperature. Its location, due to the winds that come from the Atlantic, creates an especially fresh air. Temperatures in summer reach 30 degrees and in winter the average temperature is 18 degrees. This microclimate attracts people of all ages. Winter in Marbella is ideal for those northern Europeans who enjoy the milder temperatures. Meanwhile, the summer period is more suited to the tastes of visitors coming from Asia or Africa since it is a cooler summer.
  3. Day-to-day facilities: Marbella has many positive qualities for all its inhabitants such as clean beaches, a calm sea, world-renowned entertainment venues, a growing art and film community, music festivals, bilingual schools and more. of 60 golf courses. On the other hand, it is a small city that has a great mix of cultures and nationalities which makes the offer of schools wide, with international schools where there are some of the best in the country, these range from kindergarten to University. Most children speak a minimum of three languages ​​such as English, Spanish, and an additional language of choice.
  4. Affordable prices: The real estate market on the Costa del Sol has many offers for potential buyers and Marbella is no exception. There are many offers in terms of housing as there are luxury villas, houses, townhouses and a wide range of apartments. Within this variety there are both new construction and existing properties, with a wide variety of prices within the market, in this way there are homes that adapt to the pocket of the buyer.
  5. Growing city: Marbella’s infrastructure has improved a lot in recent years. Public transport is perfectly connected, an underground tunnel was created under San Pedro and Guadalmina. The city council has improved many roads such as the one in the Nueva Andalucía area. On the other hand, Marbella has a certain proximity to European cities, this is because in less than four hours you can fly directly to other countries from Malaga airport to cities such as Paris, London, Rome, among others at any time of the day. anus. That is why many homeowners own a house in Marbella and go on vacation.
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