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Having a house facing the sea is the dream of many people, we have been there for many years and have access to the best properties. We have selected the best beachfront properties in Marbella and in the best areas of the Costa del Sol, so you can live that life that you want to enjoy so much. Having a home with this location supposes a different lifestyle where the stress level is reduced thanks to the sound of the waves and the sea breeze that produces tranquility. The mild climate also encourages physical activity, so healthy living is a safe alternative offered by this location where different coastal areas are close at hand to go for a walk. On the other hand, the natural minerals, vitamins and trace elements that the sea has make the skin look more hydrated and therefore better. Having a home on the beachfront does not have to represent a large outlay since there are different price alternatives because it is a market that is constantly expanding.

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