Estepona is one of the places with the highest quality of life on the Costa del Sol. It is considered an ideal destination, either to live permanently or to go on vacation.

Estepona is a town that has managed to grow and become a modern town, while maintaining the Andalusian charms. Among its streets are buildings with white walls next to blue and pink flowers with the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

Its coastline is located between Puerto Banus and Sotogrande, which are two of the most important marinas in the Mediterranean.

Among the charms of Estepona it stands out that it is surrounded by the Sierra Bermeja mountains, this causes a microclimate to form in which there is sun almost every day of the year, where summers are hot and dry and winters are mild and there are very few cold days.

The population of Estepona is enjoying many different services and leisure options, but without the inconveniences of the crowded coastal cities. It has many options in terms of shopping centers and countless golf courses.

This city offers a quieter type of environment compared to Marbella, but still offers the possibility of enjoying luxury in the first person, this is because the town also has shops and luxurious properties. Estepona has some of the best beach clubs on the Malaga coast. The beaches of Estepona and its surroundings are characterized by the same, a less overcrowding of people, so that more and more people are interested in moving the site to go in summer from Marbella to Estepona and thus enjoy wonderful views of the Peñón or Africa in a more natural environment.

Estepona has many facilities for its visitors, including transportation. Access to the city is very well signposted. Malaga offers several ways to get between different highways, including a toll road to save time, along with the existence of several bus lines that connect with various points in the city of Estepona reaching the airport.