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With more than 15 years of experience in the real estate sector and more than 100 properties sold along the Costa del Sol, Bulk was born, a real estate agency who knows the lifestyle of southern Spain. We specialize in finding real estate opportunities in Marbella and in the most exclusive areas of the Costa del Sol.

Our philosophy is to always satisfy our clients that is why we always try to know all the concerns and needs to be able to satisfy their objectives and be able to find the house of your dreams.


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Everything you need to know about new development

Do the purchase of new build properties have Guarantees?

There is a building law, which grants guarantee periods depending on the damages that may occur in the property. This law regulates the building and determines the obligations and responsibilities that, for the most part, are the responsibility of all the agents involved in the construction process, such as: builders, promoters, architects and technical architects. Consequently, the terms of the warranty on the purchase of newly built homes vary depending on the defects:  Three years if they are defects of the constructive elements or installations (dampness, faults in the electrical installation, heating) in general, they are the defects that prevent the habitability in the dwelling.  One year for defects of termination or finishes, such as, for example: painting.  Ten years, also called ten-year insurance, covers defects affecting the structural safety of the dwelling. These can be foundations, beams, structure, load-bearing or retaining walls.

What aspects should you take into account when buying a newly built home?

Verify the property registry through a simple note and if you have all the necessary licenses to start the works. It is important to check certain information about the promoter: the share capital, solvency, compliance with its accounting obligations, company name. This information can be found out through the commercial register. Find out information of interest about the newly built house: The plans of the plot where it is going to be built, the general description of the spaces or facilities of the house and common areas. Quality report: It is one of the most important documents to take into account, it is included as part of the purchase contract and details each of the elements and facilities used for the construction of the house, such as energy efficiency. The quality of the appliances or sanitary ware, the degree of acoustic and thermal insulation.

How are the payments for a newly built house?

One of the advantages of buying a newly built house are the payment facilities. But something you have to keep in mind is that the process varies depending on whether the project is still on plan or already built. New off-plan homes usually have a lower price 10-15% less than properties that are already built, and the payment period can also be made in installments, paying a down payment as a deposit during the construction period.

What are the benefits of living in newly built homes?

It does not require renovations, they are more efficient with high quality construction materials, guaranteeing durability and safety.  Pleasant lifestyle, these residential areas are safe and offer varied and well-kept facilities, including landscaped areas, paddle tennis courts, swimming pools, parking lots, gyms...  Customized housing based on needs and preferences. This gives you a lot of freedom to choose the house of your dreams based on your needs and tastes.  As explained above, these newly built homes are protected by guarantees for a certain period of time depending on the imperfections.