Bank Repossessions

Best opportunities of bank repossessions in Marbella and on the Costa del Sol.

In this selection you will find attractive opportunities and offers of bank repossessions in Marbella and on the Costa del Sol, with pricing that really break the market. The purchase of bank repossessed home is an insured form of investment. 

The prospect of buying a bank repossessed in the most cases is an attractive thought because often there are good deals and they want to sold at bottom prices.

Here are some tips to know if you want to buy bank repossessed property:

  • Have a solicitor help to check the diligence of the property.
  • Have a spanish bank account and also a good relationship with the branch manager is very important.
  • Check with a builder or architect the major construction flaws and deficiencies before buying a repossessed property

We advise and help you through the whole process and with all the necessary information of the purchase from bank repossed homes.



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Everything you need to know about bank repossessed properties

What are the positive aspects of buying a bank repossessed home?

Facility to apply for a mortgage, with the possibility to arrange finance for up to a 100% without any type of guarantee. The banks offer you financing advantages, among them longer terms to satisfy the payment, the financial entity assumes the purchase costs (payment of taxes, notary...), flexibility of payments in relation to the terms.

Do all banks offer the same conditions?

Some banks are more flexible than others in terms of pricing while other maintain more of a fixed price for their portfolio, the demand for a specific property is also a important point for the negotiating with the bank.