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La Zagaleta

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Get to know La Zagaleta

Only a privilege few have the ability to live in this exclusive luxury development. Definitely La Zagaleta is one of the best valued resorts to buy a luxury villas in Spain. La Zagaleta is a resort that can be consider as a village. One of the reasons why it stands out above all the resortsis for its natural beauty. That surrounds each of the luxury villas.

Especially be in that magnificent position. On one side is the sea. And on the other side a valley surround by hills that gives privacy to each house. In addition, although it is located away from the town just 10 minutes away you are in Marbella. Residing in an environment of peace and comfort are the reasons why the richest people choose to live in this area. In addition offer a multitude of services that allow you to live away from the world, and at the same time in an idyllic environment.

Why live in La Zagaleta?

This area is one of the most expensive of la Costa del Sol and even in Spain. The average value of homes are 6-8 million euros. Although there are properties of 15-18 million. Currently the size of this private macro-community is 900 hectares, practically it could be considered a village.

It has a total of 250 properties of which there are free plots, if you are thinking of making an investment, the purchase of a plot could be the ideal option, you can also design the house of your dreams to your liking by the hand of brilliant architects who excel in their special projects.

La Zagaleta is divided into different sectors and prices vary depending on the sector and the area and the views. Most beach front properties have fantastic views of the Mediterranean Sea and even on the clearest days you will be able to see Africa and Gibraltar. No doubt having a home with sea views is one of the dreams that anyone can have, but really the views offered by this area are incredible as it is 400 meters from sea level. The fact that you can not easily enter La Zagaleta is what makes it so unique and why it attracts the rich and wealthy to the area.


This urbanization measures about 900 hectares. La Zagaleta is located in the municipality of Benahavis, less than 15 minutes from the center of Marbella, just half an hour from Malaga International Airport. It is located at the foothills of the Serrania de Ronda and the best beaches of the Costa del Sol, this is one of the reasons why it is so special.

The fascinating luxury villas of various architectural styles, the location overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the proximity to the tourist center of Marbella and the many private and exclusive services of the owners of the villas of La Zagaleta. There are a series of construction standards, which guarantees the privacy of the owners, this is also due to the fact that those who reside in La Zagaleta are people of high standing, celebrities and businessmen, that' s why security is so strict.

There are two immense golf courses, designed by a famous golf architect in 1991 with fantastic views of the coast and surrounded by mountains. The club houses have an area of 5,100 square meters. In which you can enjoy numerous services, including an indoor and outdoor pool, billiards, bowling, tennis court, gourmet supermarket, golf store, restaurants, nightclubs, bars and event spaces. Equestrian center: with the possibility to rent horses and ponies, a team of monitors who give classes at all levels and with the best race horses. Restaurants: It has two Michelin-starred restaurants where you can enjoy top quality menus. Most importantly, is the excellent security with which it has no access to the Zagaleta without prior permission, some of these reasons are because they reside celebrities who are committed to enjoy their privacy.